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 Wryen weighed 8 pounds when she was born on July 12, 2013 at DuPont Hospital in Fort Wayne, Ind. This photo of her with her mom, Judea Dee-Steele, and father, Wes Steele, was taken during a holiday photoshoot. MEGHAN RENEE


This is the place where you can be yourself, let down your hair, laugh from your belly and share from your soul. You will be accepted, appreciated and loved here because we are sisters. We cherish women around these parts. 


There is no guide book comprehensive enough to cover what it means to mother, parent and love with your whole heart. We can give you resources and parenting tips galore, but ultimately we just want you to do your best. We already know you do.

 A pregnant Jessica Hawkins poses with husband Corey Hawkins in front of the St. Louis Wall of Fame, which features notable African American historical figures. XUBAYR MAYO PHOTOGRAPHY


Family is more than just a blood tie or obligation. It is a celebration of each member's differences and of the unity that ties us together. Family is tradition. It is faith. It is knowledge of the past and hope for the future. It is acceptance, and it is love. 


There is no successful parenting without thriving, fulfilling and uplifting partnership. We hope yours feeds your soul and adds so much joy to your life that it seeps out into everything you touch. Your child can't help but strive for that, emulate it and respect it.


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