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10 black pediatricians named top doctors in Dallas area

Things really are bigger in Texas. More than 10 black pediatricians earned a coveted spot on D Magazine's list of recommended doctors, and this Honeycomb mom should know. I scoured each page of their 33-page registry, so you don’t have to search “pediatrician near me” until you’re blue in the face.

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Black pediatricians make St. Louis Magazine's list of top doctors

Who better to ask for a good pediatrician than another doctor?

A patient, for one. But another doctor is a close second. That's why all of the recommended medical professionals here are also on St. Louis Magazine’s most recent list of Best Doctors.

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Are you searching ‘black pediatrician near me’ in Atlanta?

So there I was nine months pregnant and starting yet another Internet search, this time for a black pediatrician that my brewing baby boy might be able to relate to. I started to notice I had quite the number to pick from in Atlanta -- a unique and beautiful problem to have.

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5 black pediatricians shine in Chicago area

Chicago is not only home to some of the best cuisine in the country but also a pretty impressive host of doctors. It’s my hometown, and I bounced between the Austin neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side, my favorite suburb Oak Park and the working class southwest suburb of Evergreen Park.

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