5 cost-saving tips for Honolulu

I believe there’s no greater way to get to know someone than to travel to a new place with him.

My husband, Donzell Floyd and I, have argued, laughed, tasted and problem-solved our way through some pretty beautiful places.

Honolulu was our very first trip outside of the state of California, where I lived at the time and he often worked.

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Everything I packed for baby's first 4-night trip

Short of one prolonged exhaustion-induced crying spell in the rental car, my then 4-month-old son’s first trip with his father had few hiccups. They flew from Atlanta to Orlando, got a rental car to drive to Winter Haven and spent four nights in Florida. But I did the packing for the baby, and I included more than a few extras to make for a smooth trip.

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When everything goes wrong in the airport

When I planned to take my 4-month-old son Donovan to Chicago for two weeks, I was excited to travel with him alone for the first time.

I had packed a checked bag, a shoulder bag full of his needs and my favorite leather book bag with my electronics. Donovan was safely in his car seat, and we were all set. My husband dropped us off at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I placed the baby on me in his carrier, checked my largest bag at the curbside check-in, and moved through security pretty smoothly.

It wasn’t until I sat down comfortably at the gate that the easy breezy seemed to run out.

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8 tips for less stressful summer travel with baby

My son Donovan, a bite-sized jetsetter, not only celebrated turning 4 months old with a trip with dad, but he also took a two-week trip to Chicago with me. While things at the airport went smoothly for the men folk, for me just about everything that could have gone wrong did.

Check out seven tips to avoid my mistakes this summer.

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