5 cost-saving tips for Honolulu

(Credit: Aussie Active / Unsplash)

(Credit: Aussie Active / Unsplash)

By Lauren Floyd, Honeycomb Moms

I believe there’s no greater way to get to know someone than to travel to a new place with him.

My husband, Donzell Floyd and I, have argued, laughed, tasted and problem-solved our way through some pretty beautiful places.

Honolulu was our very first trip outside of the state of California, where I lived at the time and he often worked.

We were at that point in our relationship when it was too early to go abroad, but we wanted to have the feeling of going away together.

Honolulu was the compromise between a big city trip, which I wanted, and a people-free getaway, which was Donzell’s choice. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t exactly an inexpensive destination. But with planning, we saved quite a bit.