Black Ski Weekend in Canada, who’s down?

Remember I made fun of my line sisters and my inability to commit to one vacation destination?

Just as a refresher: We planned, replanned and planned some more due to indecisiveness. Well, I refused to let all that research go to waste.

Instead, I’m gifting it to you. Just think of me as your travel agent. Only, I’m more of the take-this-info-and-run-with-it-kind than the I’ll-be-on-call-for-you-day-and-night-kind.

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How to plan a trip for 17 women: don't

In my former life, I must have been a travel agent. I get such an odd satisfaction out of planning trips.

So when my line sisters and I decided we would celebrate 10 years in the sorority together with an anniversary trip, I knew I wanted to help plan it. Now if you’ve ever planned a trip for upward of 15 women, you know the struggle I’m about to get into.

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