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9 things to do in New Orleans for black millennials

New Orleans is the best place to travel if you want to let loose with little judgement. Use the city’s carefree culture as an excuse to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  

Don’t waste your time on omelettes, salads and burgers. Get shrimp and grits, gumbo, po’ boys, etouffee, red beans and rice and oysters, Honeycomb mom Jerusha Washington said. Drink, dance and laugh with the people you love.

That’s exactly what the seven writers of Honeycomb Moms did when we celebrated 10 years in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority together in The Big Easy.

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Black Ski Weekend in Canada, who’s down?

Remember I made fun of my line sisters and my inability to commit to one vacation destination?

Just as a refresher: We planned, replanned and planned some more due to indecisiveness. Well, I refused to let all that research go to waste.

Instead, I’m gifting it to you. Just think of me as your travel agent. Only, I’m more of the take-this-info-and-run-with-it-kind than the I’ll-be-on-call-for-you-day-and-night-kind.

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How to plan a trip for 17 women: don't

In my former life, I must have been a travel agent. I get such an odd satisfaction out of planning trips.

So when my line sisters and I decided we would celebrate 10 years in the sorority together with an anniversary trip, I knew I wanted to help plan it. Now if you’ve ever planned a trip for upward of 15 women, you know the struggle I’m about to get into.

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