How to plan a stress-free 1st birthday party without breaking the bank

My 1-year-old son, Donovan, has brought more joy to my husband and my life than I can quantify.

He’s our world, so we wanted his first birthday party to be everything. We are after all, first-time parents. I didn’t however, want to break the bank or get so caught up in making everything perfect that the only memories I had of his party were stressful ones.

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Should I spank my child because I was spanked?

So the American Academy of Pediatrics strengthened its stance against spanking children earlier this month.

More specifically, the organization concluded that spanking, yelling at and shaming children are simply ineffective discipline strategies in the long run. I get that.

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What to do with leftover Halloween candy

It happens every year. I get all excited about meeting the trick-or-treaters. I plot out exactly what candy to buy and who has it the cheapest. Then, for one reason or another I get no trick-or-treaters, and I’m left with a bowl full of candy.

Well, there’s an organization for that.

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Baby's first Halloween comes a day early

I love Halloween. It’s debatable whether I’m supposed to because I’m a Christian, but I love it anyway. So it should come as no surprise that I would want to replicate the Halloween traditions I cherished as a kid for my son, Donovan.

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Should you teach your child to hit back?

If you haven’t seen the viral video of kindergartner Caidyn Bennett explaining how his own anti-bullying policy flies in the face of turning the other cheek, you absolutely have to see it. At face value, it’s hilarious. I laughed, watched it again and laughed some more.

The child’s basic sentiment is hit me and catch these hands.

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Should white children wear ‘Black Panther’ costumes for Halloween?

Should white parents let their kids wear “Black Panther” costumes for Halloween?

People with fancy titles have danced around the question for weeks now.

So I’ll be a bit more direct. Yes, yes and yes. 

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6 travel tips for Serena Williams to keep her baby smiling

Serena Williams is the queen of letting her inner-mom hang out. On Instagram Saturday, she asked for tips to keep her daughter entertained when traveling, and moms came out of the woodwork with suggestions.

These are our favorite tips.

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How to use sippy cups: Help your baby transition from the bottle

Let me just say, my son and I were pretty late to the sippy cup party.

I saw another mom handing her 10-month-old daughter one and just filed the information in my will-do-later file. It wasn’t until Donovan had a routine checkup with his pediatrician that I learned we were supposed to have started giving him sippy cups months ago.

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To be the mom of a 9-month-old boy

Sometimes it feels like my son Donovan just morphed into a little man overnight.

He turned 9 months on Tuesday, and he is already so independent.

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A letter to my son: What black boys need to know

My biggest fear as a parent is that something will happen to my son that he can't recover from. I think about who he would become if he were convicted of a crime he didn't commit, if my husband or I died unexpectedly or if he were ever harmed as a result of racial profiling. My worries are just as endless as my desire to protect him, whether I'm alive or dead. I wrote this for my son.

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My baby fell and I was mortified

It was June 18, the very day my son, Donovan, turned 6 months old. He, my husband, Donzell Floyd, and I were all sitting in our living room in Atlanta, Ga.

Donzell had been watching Donovan for a few hours when I decided to give the tired dad a break and take over baby care.

I started moving my things from the couch I was sitting on to the one nearest the baby’s things. I grabbed my cell phone, then laid Donovan down on the couch and sat next to him.

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